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proLogistik Group

„Collective excellence in logistics: Benefit from the combined expertise of leading WMS specialists as well as standardised yet customised logistics solutions – for an all-round secure future.“ Jörg Sänger Managing Director of proLogistik Group

Warehouse Solutions State-of-the-Art

We understand our customers

Knowledge of the challenges in our customers’ daily business is essential for development and implementation of customised intralogistics solutions. This know-how, combined with decades of experience, is precisely what we bundle for you at proLogistik Group.

Power behind the group

The five companies of proLogistik Group

proLogistik Group comprises five strong companies from Germany and Switzerland that support their customers with a versatile range of warehouse management software, powerful hardware, and services specifically developed for the industry. Together, they form the market leader for ERP-independent warehouse management systems in the DACH region. Whether they are proLogistik, LogiSoft-S, DATAPHONE, XELOG, or IT Consult: every single company can use its resources and expertise in warehouse management systems to develop the best possible supply chain solutions for digital transformation in the industrial, retail, and service sectors.


We contribute to a sustainable flow of goods in the economy.


Our mission is to leverage our extensive warehouse and logistics expertise for better value chains.

Value Proposition

We help companies succeed with end-to-end, scalable and future-proof logistics IT solutions.

1921 founding year
1 million euros turnover
400 employees
1 trainees
315 WMS customers
1100 hardware customers
900 Installations
1 locations

Just Intelligent Logistics

We are ready to face the future

Our JIL Warehouse Management System comprises a high-performance standard software with a strong core that is customer-specifically expandable and scalable. Quick growth and/or strategic realignments of your processes can be flexibly covered by the system this way as well.

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proLogistik Holding GmbH Fallgatter 1 D-44369 Dortmund +49 (0) 231 5194-0 +49 (0) 231 5194-4900 info@prologistik.com www.prologistik.com