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We combine the expertise of more than 340 employees in eight locations with a total of 155 years of experience in the field of warehouse management systems (WMS) within proLogistik Group.

Many happy customers from wholesale and retail, industry, and the 3PL service sector can already profit from our intralogistics solutions optimised across all steps as a central supply chain element. We support small and large companies alike if they wish to replace their existing systems or introduce their first WMS with precisely fitting software solutions in digital transformation.

proLogistik Holding GmbH
Fallgatter 1
D-44369 Dortmund

+49 (0) 231 5194-0

proLogistik Holding GmbH

With around 200 experienced team players and a wealth of experience spanning more than 30 years, the Dortmund-based intralogistics system house proLogistik develops warehouse management software for intelligent, digitally controlled and efficient warehouse processes – consistently networking people, inventories and goods movements.

proLogistik creates feasibility studies and profitability analyses for online inventory-managed warehouse management systems (WMS) in the field of intralogistics and solution concepts for individually configured systems are developed and built up in an interface-compatible and modular manner. We see ourselves as a partner of our customers, who also stands by them in the long term – from stocktaking to implementation to service that leaves nothing to be desired.

In addition to system solutions for intralogistics, proLogistik develops and manufactures hardware components such as industrial PCs for industrial use – from data acquisition in logistics to process control in production. Furthermore, proLogistik is the leading supplier in the field of voice-supported dialog systems for voice picking.

Dataphone AG
Schaffhauserstrasse 611
CH-8052 Zürich

+41 (0) 44 200 40 00

Dataphone AG

Dataphone is an international provider of intelligent logistics solutions with locations in Switzerland (Zurich), Germany (Dortmund & Leer), Mexico (Mexico City), USA (Hagerstown) and Canada (Toronto). For over 36 years, Dataphone has been developing innovative, standardized and flexible warehouse management software and hardware solutions for the warehouse logistics, retail, transport, industrial and manufacturing sectors as well as for the healthcare and medical industries.

Whether a warehouse management system with interactive data glasses, a smart transport or store management solution, multifunctional scan sleeves or barcode scanners – Dataphone implements exciting and forward-looking solutions. Thanks to active networking, the company is familiar with country-specific developments and can also easily implement the latest logistics trends on the market. As experts in developing warehouse management software, Dataphone combines many years of experience in supply chain management with a large and accomplished team of developers for warehouse system software.

Birkenstrasse 49
CH-6343 Rotkreuz

+41 (0) 41 783 8000


Xelog is a software and consulting company based in Rotkreuz, Switzerland, that designs and develops warehouse management solutions to handle intralogistics efficiently, safely and economically. The company was founded in 1996 and focuses primarily on four areas: the overall logistics strategy, the design and optimization of logistics processes), the organization and the supporting infrastructure. The latter includes the efficient use of human resources and the targeted use of modern information technologies (IT) to automate process steps.

The requirements of intralogistics are covered by Xelog across all industries with proven software standards. A special understanding of processes, expertise in the implementation of logistical requirements in practice-oriented IT solutions, sound experience as a provider of warehouse management solutions and the maintenance of long-term customer relationships are what set us apart.

IT Consult Henrik Ernst GmbH
Damm 23
D-25421 Pinneberg

+49 (0) 4101 70032-0

ITC Henrik Ernst GmbH

IT-Consult Henrik Ernst, based in Pinneberg just outside Hamburg, is an established software development company specializing in WMS solutions for freight forwarders and logistics service providers. In addition, IT-Consult supports customers from the food industry, the steel sector and the bulk goods industry.

In 1998 the company developed the future-proof warehouse management system WinLager. WinLager runs on any Windows application (32/64 bit), guarantees a controlled process, is individually configurable, modularly structured, can be retrofitted at any time and always remains up to date due to continuous further development and free updates.

LogiSoft-S GmbH
Bahnhofstraße 37
D-74072 Heilbronn

+49 (0) 7131 99106-0

LogiSoft-S GmbH

LogiSoft-S, based in Heilbronn, Germany, has been concentrating on the field of warehouse management and logistics as a software and systems house since 1991, supplying its customers with concepts for efficient processes, sensible technologies and hardware components, and the necessary intelligent software modules.

Based on the standard software module iLTIS (= intelligent warehouse and transport information system), LogiSoft-S is able to implement even special requirements cost-effectively and flexibly. Along the complete supply chain (from production, storage and distribution to delivery and POS), the company offers very lean mobile systems, which can be supplemented with optimization functions if required. With the help of generator tools, LogiSoft-S aligns the iLTIS interface exactly to customer needs. Unnecessary fields, unclear masks or inflexible software processes, as is common with many ERP systems, are thus avoided. Integration tools ensure a secure and flexible integration of iLTIS into the surrounding software systems. After the go-live LogiSoft-S supports the operative business at the customer’s site by a direct, fast and qualified support.

TM3-Software GmbH
Prüfeninger Straße 20
D-93049 Regensburg

+49 (0)941-461898-0

TM3-Software GmbH

Founded in 2008, the software company TM3 belongs to the list of successful founding stories of the University of Regensburg. With a special focus on medium-sized retail companies, fulfillment providers and online retailers, TM3’s innovative inventory management system ensures optimized processes and inventory. Thanks to implemented AI algorithms, the TM3 logistics software always thinks along and provides optimization suggestions for, for example, the best possible storage location for even more efficient loading and unloading.

The TM3 software can be used as a local installation in your own company or as a cloud SaaS solution. With a cost-effective implementation in the course of a monthly rental option, there are also attractive opportunities, particularly for small businesses, to purify and optimize their own warehouse processes.

active logistics GmbH
Gahlenfeldstr. 53
D-58313 Herdecke

+49 (0) 2330 9191 0

active logistics GmbH

Under the motto “Intelligent Transformation”, active logistics has been supplying state-of-the-art customized software for all areas of the supply chain for over 40 years. The approximately 180 employees have set themselves the task of providing efficient complete IT solutions, including a modern transport management system for national and international system logistics. With services from the cloud and a multi-cloud solution, the company offers modern and future-oriented IT solutions for every need.

The company’s own data center in Niederaula is one of the largest data centers in Europe for the transport and logistics industry and provides a secure flow of data for its customers. In addition to its headquarters in Herdecke, active logistics has other locations in Koblenz and Nuremberg.

AIS alfaplan GmbH
Söflinger Straße 100
D-89077 Ulm

+49 (0) 731 934096-0

AIS alfaplan GmbH

Route planning, telematics and route optimisation from a single source for more transparency, lower costs & more sustainability: With 25 years of digitalisation experience and around 60 employees, the AIS alfaplan team supports customers in saving time, kilometres, money and CO2. The product portfolio consists of more than seventy modules from the following areas:

Route planning: Fully automatic scheduling processes allow the resulting order volume for all delivery and collection trips to be distributed particularly efficiently among the fleet.

Route optimization: Depending on the individual cost structure, the system calculates routes and routes per vehicle and thus provides cost-optimal navigation specifications. It reduces empty, load and detour kilometres as well as fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions.

Telematics: Continuous real-time data exchange including status messages, location and ETA information reduces the communication effort between dispatch and vehicles.

Yard management: Yard management combines order management, arrival and yard monitoring. Access to the yard, loading units and gate occupancy can be precisely controlled, e.g. to drastically reduce downtime at the gate.

Route and route analysis: A comparison of target specifications for the route with actual data in the Route Analysis controlling tool makes deviations transparent and creates the basis for effective re-steering.

Strübing Datensystemberatung GmbH
Jägerweg 1
D-76532 Baden-Baden


Strübing Datensystemberatung GmbH

Already in 1970 Adalbert Strübing started his own business and founded the company PRO-ORG KG from which in 1988 the Strübing Datensystemberatung GmbH emerged. Today, the Baden-Baden-based company is one of the most successful European software providers in the transport sector. The product portfolio is aimed at shippers, customers of warehousing as well as freight forwarders in a wide range of industries.

The company’s central product is the extremely comprehensive, flexible and modern forwarding software DINAS. Today there are DINAS users in different countries who use the software on a wide variety of operating systems.

The warehouse logistics software (LMS) within DINAS for shippers and warehousekeepers meets customer requirements for a powerful and flexible software solution in the area of warehouse management. Strübing Datensystemberatung GmbH has transferred the core functions of DINAS into transparent warehouse management.

The programs of the forwarding software DINAS and the warehouse software LMS are platform-independent and run under different UNIX variants, Windows servers and System i (AS/400).

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